About Us

About Us:

Jay and Lisa are a couple that loves to create. Jay grew up in Toronto with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Lisa was raised north of Detroit with a love for business and the constant need to express herself artistically. Boy met girl in 2009 they quickly became partners in life, love, business and on the dance floor. They believe everyone has an inner artist that needs to be unleashed. They also believe in having a good time while doing what they love, and they do love what they do. Together they raise their two boys and crazy wiener dogs, Indy and Cake.

Jay and Lisa Pix Perfect Owners

photo credit: Instagram @willfuld3lusions


The Pix Perfect Story:

While decorating their home in the fall of 2013, Jay and Lisa were looking for a statement piece to match their decor and design personality. With a 60 square foot space to fill over their fireplace, they began their search for a unique picture to match their style and color palette. An image of Marilyn Monroe in her famous gold lamé dress became their muse. But they were unable to find a creative way to recreate the image without breaking the bank and in the colors of their choosing. (They prefer silver to gold.)

They found inspiration from commercial applications that were expensive and not available to the public to build their own.  So, they became inventive and together built what they call "Project Marilyn". The outcome was unique, beautiful and awe-inspiring, with many of their friends and family members wanting their own images brought to life. It seemed that everyone had their own idea of what they would want to create for their own home or office, whether it be their dog, their favorite sports team logo or album cover art. Suddenly people that would have no interest in creating art were expressing interest to make one themselves.

But, the crude materials (think many, many trips to Home Depot), limited colors, necessary work space (goodbye kitchen table!) and manual labor (250+ hours) left much to be desired. Together, Jay and Lisa were determined to find an easy, affordable and fun way for everyone to have their own "Marilyn" to create and proudly display in their home or business.

So, in 2014 they went to work to bring their product vision to life. They then spent the next 18 months fine-tuning the design to provide their customers with only the highest quality product. During this time, they also worked with the “Great and Powerful OZ” to develop software capable of pixelating any image with their unique color-mapping technology. The result is an unbelievable custom art experience for ages 7 and up. And, they call it Pix Perfect!

 Starter Kits Launch!

In 2018, after manufacturing their first batch of panels, pegs, and sequins, Lisa and Jay quickly realized that Pix Perfect was not limited to creating large pieces like "Project Marilyn".  They started playing with the one foot panels with their kids and friends and saw they were the perfect 'canvas' for creating smaller designs too.  The one foot space with 24 rows and 24 columns was just the right amount of space to create their favorite 8-bit characters and simple logos.  The first design they ever created was a sparkly unicorn. Next, the "kissy-face" emoji, followed by Super Mario, then Pikachu.   

Finding design inspiration was fun and easy with the increasing popularity of pixel art via apps and perler bead aritsts.  Creating these 576 pixel designs was addicting and fun.  Their friends and family wanted to create their own and everyone had their own ideas on what they would want to create!  So, a star was born!  They created a budget-wise way for everyone to have a little bling in their lives with a personal touch.  They created the Starter Kits, which offered 32 colors and a design idea booklet.  They launched their Starter Kits at the Toronto Comic Con on March 16, 2018 and the reception was out of this world!

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback and reception of our Starter Kits so far has exceeded their wildest dreams with the highlight being the reoccurring feedback comparing Pix Perfect to a “modern day version of “Lite-Brite”.  They had already felt this connection during product development, but to hear this unsolicited feedback from hundreds of strangers solidified that they in fact had created something that would bring joy to kids and adults of all ages and would translate well in the toy and art marketplace.  This delighted them so much since they associate Lite-Brite as being a brilliant product that catered to both children that like to create by following a pattern and children that like to express their creativity with original designs.  But, no matter which route the child takes, one thing remains the same, both children end up with a sense of creative accomplishment.  Their product offers both creative outlets, but there is one distinct difference between what Pix Perfect offers compared to Lite-Brite.  Unlike Lite-Brite, after creating a finished design, the child would not be asked to put the toy back in the box and under the bed or in the closet when it’s time to clean up.  With Pix Perfect, a child is creating something they can proudly display on their desk or on a wall for years to come.  And, when they’re ready for a change, the reusable pixels can be easily replaced to create new designs if they wish.  Or they may want to create even more Pix Perfect pieces to add to their art display.  The possibilities are truly countless!