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The best NEW creative art platform since Lite-Brite!

A Pixel Lover's Dream

Pix Perfect is as easy as it is eye-catching.  Our special sequin pixels are designed so they can be easily hung from our pegs.  And, when you're ready for a change, just reposition the sequins to create a new design.  

No batteries • Reusable • Creative Fun

Pix Perfect is more than just a craft.   It's a truly joyful experience because the end result is a unique piece of art that can be proudly displayed.  Check out how they come to life in the video below! 

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STEM Authenticated

Award Winning

Shop Products & Accessories

Choose from our selection of ready-to-ship DIY kits and accessories.  Perfect for gift giving or for yourself.  

Looking for something larger?

Then, try our "Design Your Own" feature on our "Large Custom Pieces" page and upload your own image, then size and crop in one foot increments.

We mail you the kit and you create your own masterpiece!

Priced at $25 per square foot panel.  

Email for inquires and access to our custom creation page.

Pix Perfect is a woman-owned business with a big focus on quality, customer service and BIG love for our community of customers.

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