Wholesale Customers

Sales Representatives

If you would like to work with a sales representative, please reach out to the one in your area by phone or email and cc sales@pixperfect.com.  Or contact us directly at sales@pixperfect.com or 586-201-7726. 

Toyology - West plus Hawaii & Alaska
California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska
818-222-5003  sales@toyology.com

Toys South - Southeast
Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

Sherman Associates - New England States
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont

Stephanie Casanova Sales - East
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Deleware

Mike Ingram Sales - South
800-426-1620 mikeingraminc@yahoo.com

On the Right Track, Inc. - International
519-634-1141   info@ontherighttracktoys.com

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Pre-Order Specials

$250 - Receive 5% OFF & FREE Demo kit / In-Store sample & bonus sequin pixel colors for sale or giveaway/promotion.   

$500 - Receive 7% OFF & FREE Demo kit / In-Store sample & bonus sequin pixel colors for sale or giveaway/promotion.

*Choose an In-Store sample design to suit your store and customer base!  Let us know if you require a special design or pixel colors. 

Larger Volume Discounts/Mass Accounts please contact:  sales@pixperfect.com

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Order Form

Click Here to Download our editable 2019 product line Pre-Order Form.  Orders due July 12, 2019 to sales@pixperfect.com for Pre-Order Specials.

Large volume orders / mass accounts please contact Lisa Keyworth at Lisa@pixperfect.com or 586-201-7726 .

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Sales Catalog

Click Here to View our 2019 Sales Catalog

Pix Perfect Catalog

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Merchandising Options

Click Here to View our 2019 Merchandising Options
Note: All Kits and accessories are compatable.  However, the 10-Color Add-On Pack complements the Starter Kit. So, this serves as a reminder for ease of ordering.