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2018 Edition - Pixel Art Kit by Pix Perfect

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Pix Perfect is the best, new creative pixel art platform since Lite Brite! Be the envy of your friends with this unique & fun craft experience. Simply insert the pegs into the panels and hang colorful sequins to create your own Pix Perfect masterpiece. Create characters, logos, 8-bit designs and more! And, when you're ready for a change, our reusable pixels can easily be replaced to create new designs whenever you wish.
With our "Pixel Art Kit" you will receive over 8,500 pieces; 20 colors and everything you need to proudly display your Pix Perfect creation.
Do you have more than one person that would like to create with these kits?  Or do you want to create 2 pieces yourself?  With nearly 8,000 sequin pixels, there are plenty of colors to share for two! (tip: it only takes 576 pixels to fill one panel, so you'll have plenty left over) Just select the “2 Person” Kit option and we will include an extra black panel and pegs and mounting canvas! Twice the fun!
How to create: Simply insert the pegs into the panel, then, hang colorful sequin pixels from the pegs to create a pixelated image of your choice.  And, when you're ready for a change, our reusable pixels can easily be replaced to create a new design whenever you wish.  To display your creation, screws have been provided to mount your panels onto the included canvas.

Our DIY Pix Perfect™ Pixel Art Kit features:

  • 50+ design ideas (and more online, just search "pixel art")
  • 8,000+ reusable sequin pixels (20 colors)
    • Basic color sequin pixels, 12 colors, 400+ each
    • Holographic sequin pixels, 8 colors, 400+ each
  • 1 black panel
    • The panel is 1 foot x 1 foot, 24 pixels tall and 24 pixels wide
  • 576+ pegs, to hang your pixel sequins
  • 1 black mounting canvas & mounting screws to hang on wall
  • Instructions

View creations from our Pixel Art Kit below.  See even more examples on Instagram or Facebook @mypixperfect.



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